"I love you!"

"Oh, say it with paving stones!"

                   -- Graffiti, Parisian wall, 1968

It's about the recognition that we are already living through barbarism; socialism is the only way out, but it is by no means inevitable or automatic.

It's about the exploration of revolutionary Marxism as an open and constantly changing method. 

It's about contending with the state of things as they actually are, stepping out of a discourse dominated by vague, wishful thinking and bad faith in order to do so.

It's about real dialectics. As Gramsci described them. Dialectics as Events, big and small. The real motor of history.

It's about moving beyond a sub-cultural political environment and alienated organizational forms to seek out the emancipatory.

It's about beauty being both subjective and a right. 

It's about rerouting the intellect by way of the heart. 

It's about the fact that the spectacle is everywhere; all of us, from our most powerful enemies to our firmest comrades, are in thrall. 

It's about working through ideas, without concern for the appearance of consumption; likes, re-tweets, re-blogs, etc. Working on approaches that outlast "hot takes" and the latest pseudo-controversies handed to us from without.

It's about the theory and practice of everyday life.

The aims of this blog are straightforward:

  • Provide work space for us, the authors, in which to muse, theorize, and create, with perhaps others joining in and collaborating as we progress.

  • To be an outlet in which we can experiment, putting forward ideas for discussion and criticism without immediate concern for "publication."

  • Serve as a means to gestate these ideas and experiments, posting hypotheses, notes, and rough drafts that can perhaps be jumping off points for larger organizational, theoretical, and cultural projects.

About the authors:

Alexander Billet is a writer and cultural critic originally from Washington, DC, now based in Los Angeles. He is a founding editor at Red Wedge, and has been published in Jacobin, In These Times, the International Socialist Review, and Marx & Philosophy Review of Books. He is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and Red Bloom: A Communist Collective. He contributes to the pollution of the Twittersphere at @UbuPamplemousse

Jason Netek is a longtime socialist, activist and nuisance from Texas. After a period of wandering the earth, doing as little work as possible, he moved to Hollywood to contribute to the cultural emasculation of Christian civilization. He is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and the Red Wedge editorial collective. Jason is now on Twitter: @dialectronixxx